A Coffee Ritual In The Morning

What is the most precious thing besides open your eyes in the morning and realize that you still can take a deep breath in the earth? It is obligated to be thankful by praying, meditating, or drinking a cup of coffee. Why drinking a cup of coffee is written as a way to say thanks to the morning that you enjoy. Some people will say that you are too much, but for any other people with the same ritual will say, “Exactly we are in the same way”.

It will not discuss about agree or disagree, healthy or unhealthy, and any kind of scientific theory about drinking coffee in the morning. It is going to talk about feeling and value. In the name of them, any other things are meaningless. Feeling and value is an essence of an individual person, you have not different with an animal without them.

By sipping a cup of coffee, you will taste a bit part of God reside in the coffee creeping into your vessel and making you aware about the reality that a day will you face is tend not to be a same with you expected. It will open your eyes that still many things in this world running incorrectly as it should. However, it is not an obligatory for each person to make this world better. First thing first, focus on making your life going better for you and people surrounding.

Having a cup of coffee in your hand is teaching you that life is likely a blended of bitterness, acidity and sweetness create a sensational taste and leave an indescribable memory in your tongue. That is life; sometimes you have happiness, sadness, disappointment, triumph, adversity and any other experiences that contributed in shaping your character, personality and memorial.

A coffee in the morning is able to boost your brain to find an inspiration. It is Ludwig Van Beethoven, a famous composer and a pianist who always takes a cup of coffee every morning before he starts to work and makes musical composition. He always makes his own coffee by himself with exactly 60 coffee beans and measures the sugar carefully. You can imagine how serious his life even about making a cup of coffee.

What is your favorite coffee for your morning? A homemade simple black coffee, a black coffee with milk and creamer made in your own home, or you should go to coffee shop to order a cappuccino, latte, or espresso. No matter what kind of coffee served, make sure that it can be enjoyed worthily in your own way to get the best booster for your day. It is also served by some people kind of snack as a complimentary, and the writer prefer to sip the simple black coffee by listening jazz music instrumental. What an elegant way, isn’t it?

“You are the possibility, Coffee is certainty”, this kind of quotation said by a person called “high quality single”. It is a person who unmarried and doesn’t have any special relationship, what is terrible. Drinking a cup of coffee is one of the ways to entertain themselves from loneliness and to grow up their fighting spirit for reaching love they dream of. By morning coffee, make all possibility come true. Trust me, it works!

Last but not least, in a cup of coffee contained many meanings and philosophies. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it may be false. However, it should be appreciate as an effort of finding value and meaning for everything that we do to make it more valuable, even only drinking a cup of coffee.

“He was my cream, and I was his coffee. And when you poured us together, it was something” Josephine Baker, Author – United States.